About Arik Amir
אודות אריק אמיר
Arik Art

Arik Amir, also known as "Arik the Animal Mimic" and "Arik the Sculptor", was born in Tel Aviv in 1922. In his childhood he lived in Neve Tzedek and in the Nordia quarter. He excelled in swimming and athletics and was a member of the Maccabi Tsair - Youth
He studied at the Geulah school, and when the Carmel school was established he completed his elementary studies there and then went on to the Montefiori high school. At the age of 16 he volunteered to serve as signalman for the Hagana in Tel Aviv.
In 1941, in response to the call of the provisional government, he volunteered for the British Army and served in the Maccabi 18 Company, in the 1st Battalion of the Jewish Brigades, which fought on the Italian front, and subsequently he helped to release the refugees from the extermination camps and bring them to Mandate Palestine (Eretz Isrel).
In 1946 he was among the founders of Kibbutz Ma'ayan Baruch, in Upper Galilee.
He served in the War of Independence and after the war he obtained a job as a teacher at the Max Fine School in Tel Aviv, where he taught for about twenty years.

Arik the Animal Mimic
Thousands of children and adults grew up on the sounds of animals whose languages Arik was able to mimic.
He volunteered to perform for thousands of children in many hospitals all over the country, and for inmates of prisons.
He hosted hundreds of events and artists from Israel and all over the world.

Arik Amir the Sculptor and Artist
In 1965 he purchased a ruined building in the artists' colony in the enchanted city of Safed, which he renovated and called it "God's Little Acre". In the schools' summer vacation he commenced sculpting in iron, creating hundreds of sculptures.
His home, "God's Little Acre" became a gallery with a permanent display of his works, and thousands of visitors from Israel and all over the world flocked to see it.
He was and still is a member of a number of associations, such as the Association of Artists and Sculptors of Tel Aviv and Safed, the Teachers' Union, and is a senior member of the Israel Artists Association.

Arik presently lives with his wife, Hilla, in a sheltered home in Tel Aviv, and continues to organize and host shows for the pensioners in the home, and in other sheltered homes in the vicinity.

Two quotes from the Guest Book at "God's Little Acre":

"I envy the archaeologist who discovers your animals in a thousand years' time."

            Yigal Yadin

"Of all imitations, there is nothing like the original.
All creatures hold the soul of the creator
All metal hold the love of passion
All creations hold the soul of man"
            Levy Yitzhak Hayerushalmi